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With Timegate®
time is on your side.

Revolutionary real-time data for bioprocessing

It’s time to see the unseen. Timegated® Technology offers real-time bioprocess monitoring and control, improved process and product quality, and faster time-to-market for biopharmaceuticals.

Our patented Timegated® Raman Technology with real fluorescence rejection enables quicker and more reliable biopharma process development. It gives you data and results that have not been accessible before.

"I’m very excited to contribute to this revolutionary step by using time-gated Raman spectroscopy in bioprocessing."

— Dr. Carl Anderson, Duquesne University

"Timegated® technology could help us in several ways to better tackle confounding factors that we have to deal with in the complex matrix of biotechnological cultures."

— Dr. Lucas Neutsch, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

"The use of time-gated Raman in EV research and production can provide quick and non-destructive insights into molecular compositions and the quality of EVs without touching the blood bag."

— Dr. Saara Laitinen, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

"In the pharmaceutical product manufacturing process, it is crucial to utilize label-free systems for accurate detection, and in this sense, Timegated® Raman is a phenomenal tool."

— Dr. Marjo Yliperttula, the University of Helsinki

Faster time-to-market for bioproducts with Timegated® Raman Technology

Time is money. We can save you both. Timegated® Raman Technology enables faster and more accurate data on your biopharmaceutical process resulting in an increase in product amount and faster time-to-market for your bioproduct. Due to real-time measurements, there are no surprises and less lost batches leading to increased productivity. 

We focus on GMP compliance development to help deliver bioproducts that meet the highest global quality standards and regulatory requirements.


Real-time monitoring and bioprocess control

Timegate process analytical tools provide accurate and real-time data for optimized bioprocess parameter control. This enables enhanced process development and scale-up.

Products & services

Flexible, easy-to-use Timegate instruments for bioprocesses

Our robust and flexible Timegated® Raman products are designed to facilitate complex processes in the biomanufacturing field.


Timegated® Technology reference cases

Explore our partner’s and customer’s success stories to find more detailed showcases of how Timegated® technology solutions have made a significant impact across the biopharmaceutical industry.


Time is money. We can save you both.

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