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Timegate: Real-time process analytics

Timegate with its time-gating innovation is the first and so far only company in the world to provide effective real-time process monitoring and control for biopharmaceuticals.

The Timegate team with scientific and technological background

The Timegate team has a strong scientific background and extensive knowledge in R&D and innovation. Optoelectronics technology was studied for decades at the university and research center in Oulu region, Finland. The Timegate founder team had a key role in developing Timegated® Raman Technology for material analytics, which they patented and successfully commercialized.

Since the early days of Timegate, the team has gained a lot of experience in spectroscopy, electronics, software, chemometrics, PAT (Process Analytical Technology), and data applications for material analysis, as well as calibration modelling for predictive process analytics.

Mari Tenhunen CEO, Co-founder

Throughout her entire career, Mari has consistently been part of top-performing teams.

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Lauri Kurki Chief Scientist, Co-founder

Lauri is a main tech & science guy and one of the founders. He has M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics and more than a decade of experience in the applied variety. 

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Maria Luukkainen Chief Financial Officer

Maria handles all the financial-related topics, contributes to strategy planning and execution, takes care of HR-related tasks, and acts as a Secretary of the Board.

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Device Development team

Timegate’s Device Development team is a dynamic and innovative group of scientists, engineers, and experts dedicated to working in the fields of Raman technology, process analytical technology (PAT), optoelectronics, photoluminescence spectrum, and mathematical models of bioprocessing. The interdisciplinary approach allows the team to face demanding challenges, explore novel technologies, and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

The primary mission of our Device Development team is to advance the capabilities and performance of Timegate’s instruments, ensuring that the team remains at the forefront of scientific and industrial applications to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the biopharma sector.


Software Development team

Our Software Development team brings together a diverse range of expertise, including software development and architecture, data analytics, and user experience design. Our skilled team aims to create innovative software solutions to empower our customers to streamline their processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The mission of our Software Development team is to continuously develop and enhance software solutions that integrate with our process analytical instruments. The team is committed to delivering intelligent and reliable software that facilitates real-time monitoring and data analysis in bioprocessing.


Production team

Timegate’s Production team plays a key role in ensuring the seamless manufacturing and delivery of Timegate’s process analytical instruments for our customers in the biopharmaceutical sector. Our dedicated team is committed to upholding high quality throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. Testing protocols are implemented at every stage of manufacturing to guarantee the accuracy of our instruments and the reliability of deliveries.

The skilled team, comprising a production manager, technicians and logistics specialist contributes to the overall efficiency and reliable deliveries of our products. The team strives to meet delivery timelines without compromising on quality, ensuring that our customers receive their instruments within the agreed timeframe.


Application team

Our Application team is dedicated to combining the advantages of Timegate’s process analytical tools with the specific needs of our customers in the biopharmaceutical sector. The team’s mission is to provide expert guidance and support to our customers for integrating our products into bioprocess monitoring and control.

With a deep understanding of our analytical instruments and customer needs within bioprocessing, our skilled team, comprising scientists and application specialists, serves as a link between technology and our customers. From the initial consultation to customer deliveries, the team collaborates closely with customers, understanding their unique objectives to integrate Timegate’s solution into their bioprocesses.


Sales & Marketing team

Within our Sales & Marketing team, our mission is to build strong relationships with our customers, educate the biopharma sector about our innovative instruments, and drive the adoption of our solutions in the biopharmaceutical industry. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the industry through continuous engagement with development of the biopharma sector. This knowledge allows our team to tailor sales and marketing strategies to address the needs of biopharmaceutical community.

Our team aims to inform potential and existing customers about the functionalities and advantages of Timegate’s process analytical tools. We prefer open communication and customer-centric approach to take care of long-term partnerships. The biopharmaceutical industry is dynamic, and our team is capable to adapt to changes, allowing us to stay responsive to the industry needs.

Collaboration with committed investors

Timegate has a solid group of investors. They are very committed to work towards Timegate’s goals in the long term.

The biopharma industry faces significant requirements for increased productivity – developing and delivering drugs to people faster and at a lower cost. However, the industry has traditionally created value through revenue expansion rather than cost savings. To meet these requirements, the industry needs scalable automated process analytical tools. This is precisely what Timegate is able to offer to biopharmaceuticals.


Time is money. We can save you both.


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