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Optimizing downstream Bioprocesses with Timegated® Technology

More specific protein purification with Timegated® Raman Technology

The downstream process includes purifying and processing the harvested cell culture produced in the upstream process. Downstream begins with the separation of solid particles and cells from the liquid. The goal of downstream processing is to efficiently and selectively isolate the target biomolecules while removing impurities, ensuring the production of a purified and bioactive final product.

Unsatisfied purification and isolation of the desired bioproducts may lead to decreased yield of a batch

Downstream processing in bioprocesses refers to the purification and isolation of the desired bioproducts, such as proteins or pharmaceuticals, after the completion of the upstream production phase.

Process analysis: The concern is how to optimize the isolation of the therapeutic protein and maximize the yield of the bioprocess.

Data analysis: It’s challenging to optimize the relevant parameters for the purification process if the data is not available continuously.

With Timegated® Technology isolation of the desired protein is optimized leading to increased yield

Timegate offers process analytical tools for real-time process control to obtain a high-quality and purified final product from the complex mixture generated during fermentation or cell culture.

Process analysis: Timegate provides you with real-time data that has not been accessible before. Our innovation provides a solution to measure multiple critical process parameters in your bioprocess, and based on that data you can optimize the purification phase.

Data analysis: Efficient data analytics enables you to gain a profound understanding of the dynamics in the purification process phase. The analysis relies on a large set of datasets including physical parameters such as temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen, as well as biochemical parameters such as nutrients, metabolites, amino acids, proteins, cell viability, and biomass.


Advancing EV Production and Quality Control

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service: Timegated® Technology monitoring the purification of extracellular vesicles.

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