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Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Accurate bioprocess estimations by real-time monitoring with Timegated® Raman Technology

With access to Timegated® Raman Technology, the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) team has been monitoring biotechnological cultures and measure the chemical composition of materials in a bioreactor.

Dr. Lukas Neutsch, Head of Bioprocess Technology, ZHAW Wädenswil, shares his insights into their experience with Timegated® Raman spectroscopy:

Timegated® Raman Technology could help us in several ways to better tackle confounding factors that we have to deal with in the complex matrix of biotechnological cultures. Ideally, we hope to achieve greater specificity in tracking selected substances we are interested in during production in bioreactors.

ZHAW team with Timegate´s PicoRaman M3 instrument

Monitoring biotechnological cultures with Timegated® Raman spectrometer

The most important goal for ZHAW in working with the PicoRaman M3 is monitoring and analyzing biotechnological cultures. The time-resolved technology could offer advantages over currently established methods, especially when it comes to non-invasive, accurate estimation of quality-determining factors such as the concentration of the product formed in the bioreactor.

-We chose Timegate´s PicoRaman M3 instrument because of the technical advancement through the temporal control of the signal, which is only available in this device and could help us to better deal with certain interfering factors. In addition to the improved signal specificity mentioned, certain aspects of handling (hygienic design, robustness, mobility in the laboratory) must be given to be able to use the device to its full extent in our field of application.


The development and future of Timegated® Raman Technology in the bio-based industry

The device is very professional, fast, and flexible. We are satisfied all around from the customer's point of view. PicoRaman M3 has room for improvement in technical development in terms of connectivity with biological systems and software regarding obtaining the desired information from the data provided by the system.

There are several areas where Raman technology could open even more potential if various interfering factors could be eliminated. The temporal gating option of the PicoRaman M3 offers a possible approach. If successful, large subsectors of the bio-based industry, e.g., in the field of biotechnological production, would be interested in such improved, easy-to-implement measurement technologies.


Successful collaboration

Timegate´s CEO Mari Tenhunen shares her thoughts about the collaboration:

ZHAW is a very active and innovative research organization in the bioprocess field. We can all definitely benefit from this new opening. At Timegate, we are honored about this collaboration with new enthusiastic users of Timegated® Raman Technology.

When implementing Timegate PicoRaman M3, the ZHAW team felt that Timegate´s support was professional and very customized regarding the installation.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences

The University is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. In research and development, the ZHAW focuses on key societal challenges - with an emphasis on energy and social integration. With campuses in Winterthur, Zurich, and Wädenswil, the ZHAW is regionally anchored and cooperates with international partners.

The university comprises eight departments: Applied Linguistics, Applied Psychology, Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering, Health, Life Sciences and Facility Management, School of Engineering, School of Management and Law, and Social Work.

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