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Optimizing Upstream Bioprocesses with Timegated® Technology

Have eyes inside your upstream bioprocesses

The upstream process in biopharmaceutical manufacturing refers to the production where cells are cultured and manipulated to produce the desired therapeutic proteins or other biological products. During the upstream process, the bioprocess is scaled up from the laboratory-scale to the production-scale, and thus monitoring and controlling the critical process parameters (CPPs) is of paramount importance for optimized production of bioproducts.

Sampling-based monitoring and control of the process leads to non-optimal nutrient levels and even a batch failure


Are you struggling to keep the nutrient levels within the desired limits in the bioreactor?

This challenge is prevalent in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, resulting in diminished yields, inter-batch variability, and, in some cases, the loss of batches when the issue is identified belatedly.

Process analysis: Facing the risk of batch failures due to slow information.

Data analysis: Having complicated data that is difficult to model due to quality and noise issues.

Timegate provides real-time monitoring and control of critical process parameters in bioprocesses

Timegate offers process analytical technology  (PAT) tools that provide trustworthy data in real-time, online, and continuously to see what is going on in the bioreactor. With us, there are no surprises anymore and you can optimize your bioprocess constantly.

Process analysis: Timegate makes sure that your cell culture media is continuously optimized in real-time resulting in healthy and producing cells.

Data analysis: Timegate provides a large set of high-quality data for analyzing various parameters in bioprocessing enabling data-driven decision-making throughout the entire production process.


Duquesne University, Pfizer, and NIPTE Project to Improve Bioreactor Monitoring

Duquesne University, Pfizer, and NIPTE project – revolutionary advancement in biopharmaceutical manufacturing by in-situ bioreactor monitoring using time-gated Raman spectroscopy for enhanced chemical sensitivity.

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