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End-product quality control with Timegated® Technology

End-product quality control involves a set of measures and analyses for ensuring quality standards of the final bioproduct

End-product quality control focuses on ensuring that the final product meets quality standards, specifications, and regulatory requirements. This phase involves testing, analysis, and documentation to verify the safety, efficacy, and consistency of bioproducts.

Laboratory analysis tools and delayed feeding of nutrients may compromise the desired quality standards in the end-product


Assessing the purity of the final product to ensure it is free from impurities and contaminants. Evaluating if there is batch-to-batch variation. Implementing analytical testing to examine the chemical, physical, and biological attributes of the end-product.

Process analysis: Are the attributes of the end-product matching the desired values? Time-consuming testing one sample at a time.

Data analysis: Difficulty in analyzing biological attributes. 

Timegate enhances bioprocess efficacy for improved end-product quality and safety with real-time process analytics

Timegate offers quality control via the MicroPlate HTS System for monitoring the end-product. MicroPlate HTS System is a well-plate reader enabling automated measurements with non-destructive method for real-time and accurate data.

Process analysis: Timegate provides fast and accurate data through automated measurements of 96 samples simultaneously.

Data analysis: For end-product quality control, Timegate offers access to data on biological attributes fast with a high accuracy. Timegate process analytical tools are capable for time-resolved measurements, overcoming issues caused by fluorescence. 

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