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Maintenance and support services by Timegate

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Timegate provides support and maintenance services offered at three different levels. You can select the maintenance service level that best suits your needs from our scalable options.

Limited level maintenance

In standard level maintenance, Timegate provides software updates and online support for the latest software version. This service includes bug fixes, error corrections, and updates designed for enabling you to continue using our product, even though they may not necessarily enhance functionality of the software.

Extended level maintenance

At this service level, you get all the services from the standard level maintenance.

Additionally, with product delivery, you receive a laptop preinstalled with Timegate Instruments Software. This service level ensures that, in case of a broken laptop, Timegate will replace it with a new one.

Annually, you will receive a standard sample to verify the basic product functionality. Timegate will provide performance feedback based on the analysis of the sample. If necessary, our professionals will conduct calibration for you.

All-inclusive level maintenance

Superior level maintenance guarantees the most comprehensive services to you. All the services that are described in standard and medium level maintenance services are available to you.

Moreover, in case of a broken laser, we will provide a replacement for you.

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