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Products and services for Timegated® bioprocesses

Process analytical tools with Timegated® Technology for fluorescence-rejected Raman spectrum

Timegated® Raman Technology provides real-time and online measurements for biopharmaceutical process analysis. Timegate’s Raman spectrometer is the only one available in the market that provides information on Raman scattering and effective fluorescence suppression. Our professionals are ready to support you with evaluation, training, and maintenance.


Products with Timegated® Raman Technology

Timegated® Raman spectrometer is a powerful analytical tool for a broad spectrum of analytes and enhanced real-time insights for monitoring critical process parameters and quality attributes. PicoRaman M3 add-ons provide you access to a wide variety of applications.With true fluorescence suppression, it is time to stop the noise and see the pure data.

Maintenance and support services by Timegate

Timegate offers maintenance and support services tailored for Timegated® Raman products. You have the flexibility to choose the maintenance level that best suits your requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout your processes.


Timegated® Raman Spectrometer Trainings

Training session empowers you as a new customer to maximize the full potential of our Timegated® Raman products. This technology then enables you to effectively monitor and control your bioprocesses, providing accurate data of critical parameters.


Sample measurements by Timegate

The Timegated® Raman spectrum offers a comprehensive range of information about a sample and is often considered its fingerprint. Timegated® Raman Technology provides an efficient technical solution for measuring the Raman spectrum with true fluorescence suppression. Our experts provide you the Raman spectrum of your samples and assist you in analyzing the data.