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Real-time process monitoring, improved product quality, and faster time to market for biopharmaceuticals

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We open up optimum visibility to the chemical composition of materials. This enables you to get more out of your material analyses and industrial processes in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal distraction and without delays.


Smarter Biopharmacy

Our instruments provide accurate and real-time molecular composition information in different production stages of biopharmaceutical process.

This leads to improved product quality via QbD and controlled processing and better productivity through increased yields. In addition, this enables faster time to market through optimized process development and scale-up.

Our solution for biopharmaceuticals
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Monitoring services and instruments

Our state-of-the-art spectrometer instruments and industrial probes ensure accurate analyses.

Our turnkey services with our patented technology enable easy deployment of material identification system.

We provide tailored instrument modules also for OEM use.

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Case Studies

Timegate in Testa Challenge – showcasing and testing our technology in biopharmaceutical setting

Timegate measured several metabolites, nutrients, and proteins in real-time in a bioreactor during the bioprocess. Timegated® Raman prediction followed the reference values perfectly and therefore it is highly accurate. This technique holds the promise of measuring not only the critical parameters but also the product that is being produced effectively.

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Probe selection for time-gated Raman measurements

The PicoRaman M3 spectrometer enables the use of a wide variety of first- and third-party probes. This includes probes that are compatible with sample enclosures, probes for immersion measurements,...

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