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Timegated® Raman Instrument Training

While proper instrumentation is important, it is just as important that the instrument users are confident with available technology. A training session is included with all Timegate Instrument’s spectrometer deliveries to help analysts make the most of their time with the measurement device.


PicoRaman M3 spectrometer pictured up close.

This text goes through some of the aspects that are looked at during the training. While no one will be an expert after just one training session, users learn all basic measurement operations and measurement principles. The users themselves operate the hardware and the software during the whole training session, acquiring some hands-on experience which will also help with information retention.

Time-gated Raman is a time-resolved technique, and the temporal aspect of the measurements is often new to many analysts even if they are seasoned Raman spectroscopists. A good portion of the training’s length is dedicated to going through settings that are related to the measurement results’ time axis.

Starting the Spectrometer and Operating the Laser

The operators are guided through the spectrometer front panel’s physical controls and pressing the power button will start up the device. The operators will also familiarize themselves with any probes or accessories that may have been included in the delivery.

After going through laser safety principles, the operators will switch on the laser and adjust the laser power using the measurement software (TGLab) GUI.

Operator using Timegated® Raman spectrometer with green laser on.

Timegator operating the PicoRaman M3 spectrometer in a laboratory. During the measurements, the green laser is on.

Measurement and Virtual Gate Settings

The operators will learn how to adjust and copy measurement settings including the measurement length, automatically repeating measurements, inputting measurement metadata, and adjusting the measured temporal range.

Data included in the processed measurement result can be fine-tuned by using the virtual gate settings. Usually, the operator only wants to include information from a temporal range where the Raman-to-fluorescence ratio is as high as possible i.e. the fluorescence interference is as small as possible.

Virtual gate of Timegated® Raman measurements.

The operator can pick out a specific temporal (Time) range from which the measurement data is included. This is done with the virtual gate settings.

Virtual gate 2D of Timegated® Raman measurements.

The data from the virtual gate range can then be processed into a more conventional 2D spectrum while enjoying the benefits of time-gating.

Data Processing and Exporting

The operators will go through data processing options (including batch processing) and data output options. The software supports data output in both 2D and 3D spectrum formats and there is an option to output the data as widely supported CSV files.

Device Performance Confirmation

The operators will go through measuring a standard sample for device performance monitoring and they will go through some of the settings and indicators that should be checked to make sure that the measurement device is functioning as intended.


Usually, operators will have quite a lot of questions during the training session, and the questions are always welcome. The questions are a valuable tool to improve and clarify the device’s and the software’s interface and functionality.

The training session helps the operators to get their work started with the time-gated spectrometer. Timegate Instrument’s representatives are happy to answer queries also after the training and more information is also included in the manuals and guides that are a part of all deliveries.

With our current customers, we have seen that usually new training is acquired when new groups of operators start using existing instrumentation from Timegate Instruments at a later date, and therefore, the option to invest in additional training for time-gated Raman measurements is always available.

We have learned that our customers often seek additional training when new operator groups begin utilizing Timegate Instruments' existing instrumentation at a later time. This highlights the ongoing availability of investing in further training for time-gated Raman measurements.

Headshot of Bryan Heilala.Trainings are held by our Application Team Lead, Bryan Heilala.


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