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FAQ: Which probes can I use with PicoRaman?

FAQ series: This series of publications explores some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Timegated® spectrometers and measurements without having you read page after page of text. 

Timegated® Raman spectrometers can be used with a wide range of applications and this also requires flexibility with sampling solutions. Although some manufacturers choose to limit probe compatibility to proprietary designs, PicoRaman spectrometers are designed to work well with a wide range of first- and third-party measurement probes.   

Due to the spectrometer design and 532nm excitation wavelength, the probes must still fulfill a basic set of requirements which are listed below. Please contact the Timegate Instruments team to verify probe compatibility.  

Probe requirements: 

  • Compatible FC connectors 
  • 105µm excitation fiber 
  • 200µm collection fiber (can be larger, but some collection efficiency may be lost) 
  • Compatible with 532nm excitation (probe filters chosen for this wavelength) 
  • Due to the time-resolved aspect, the probe cable length should be limited to max. 10m/32ft

Probe connectors

Probes are attached to the PicoRaman spectrometer by using FC connectors.

PicoRaman spectrometers and the more robust industrial spectrometers for the MonitOre monitoring service have been used with a wide range of probe types: 

  • Non-contact measurement probes are most commonly used in laboratories. PicoRaman spectrometers are often shipped with non-contact probes which are compatible with SampleCubes [link]. 
  • PicoRaman can also be used with microscopes. Please click here for more details: [link] 
  • PicoRaman is compatible with a wide variety of immersion probes. As the name suggests, these probes are immersed in the measured material which can be especially useful when measuring liquids, slurries, or gels. 
  • Time-gating provides unique benefits when measuring high temperature materials (For more information: [link]) and because of this, thermally resistant probe designs are often required. One such PicoRaman compatible probe setup is shown in our previous post: [link]. 
  • For specialized application needs, please contact our team as Timegate Instruments includes talented optical designers who can create customized probe solutions best suited for your application. 

PicoRaman and industrially compatible probes are available for both laboratory applications and more challenging environments.

 Measurement probe



Headshot of Bryan Heilala.This blog was written by Timegate Instruments’ Senior Application Specialist Bryan Heilala. Bryan is a young and energetic chemist with a degree in M.Sc. (chemistry) and experience and background in analytical chemistry. Read more about him and the whole Timegate team.

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