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A larger sample surface enabling more representative measurements.

Timegated® Raman SampleCube enables easy, safe and representative measurements with Timegated® Raman spectrometers. SampleCube offers a sampling from a larger sample surface, limiting laser exposure for the sample, easy laser focusing and enhanced eye safety. SampleCube is compatible with B&W TekBAC 100 series probes or any other probes with similar dimensions.

The SampleCube is primarily designed for powder samples, yet its versatility extends to measuring other flat or malleable samples. Furthermore, it accommodates liquid samples in vials or cuvettes by allowing horizontal insertion of the measurement probe into the sample enclosure.

The SampleCube also enables easy laser focusing with all compatible measurement probes. During measurements, the sample cup holder has an option for eccentric rotation and the measurement probe can be simultaneously moved in a scanning motion. The scanning cycle effectively covers the entire surface area while minimizing laser exposure to any single point. This approach reduces sample degradation, enabling measurement of sensitive samples.


Outstanding features of SampleCube

  • More representative sampling via larger surface area
  • Enhanced eye safety
  • Limiting laser exposure
  • Easy focus distance adjustment
  • Suitable for many sample types from liquids to solids

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