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PicoRaman M3

The first Timegated® Raman spectrometer with real fluorescence suppression. 

With PicoRaman M3 there are no surprises due to continuous, real-time and online measurements. Now, we can see chemical changes fast with a high accuracy. PicoRaman M3 is breaking new ground in the biopharmaceutical world as the only Raman tool capable of time-resolved measurements, overcoming issues caused by fluorescence. This capability by patented Timegated® Raman Technology is a game-changer for precise analyses in this field.

The reduction of fluorescence from the Raman signal improves Signal-to-noise-Ratio (SNR). In turn, the improved SNR simplifies and adds robustness to the chemometric models. In addition to fluorescence rejection, Timegated® Raman Technology also works in ambient light and the measurements of materials and reactions, e.g.in high temperature processes with high thermal emissions succeed easily. Raman signal together with time-resolved fluorescence data provides a fresh basis for advanced data analysis.


Outstanding features of PicoRaman M3

  • Faster measurements
  • Real-time, online
  • Highly specific chemical information
  • Concentration quantification
  • Compact, portable solution on-site
  • Better integration with process environment
  • OEM-modules can be installed
  • User-friendly customer interface
  • No sample preparation
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Blocks cosmic rays
  • No read-out noise due to CMOS SPAD sensor

What’s in it for me?

Bioprocess operators

= Less lost baches due to fast control of CPPs.

Technology experts

= See more with Timegated® Raman Technology suppressing the fluorescence.

Data analysts

= No complicated, noisy data anymore. Timegated® data is easy to model.

Quality managers

= Improves process productivity and product quality. Meets the GMP compliance.

Business decision makers

= Increases profits and enables faster time to market.


= See data which has not been seen before.

PicoRaman M3 Enables New Research Avenues by Expanding the Possibilities of Raman Spectroscopy

PicoRaman M3 opens new opportunities for research and development in the fields of science and industry. It is the only commercial time-resolved Raman spectrometer that provides information on Raman scattering and time-resolved fluorescence, revolutionizing the field of Raman spectroscopy. PicoRaman M3 brings the same benefits as conventional Raman spectrometers. Additionally, PicoRaman M3 is immune to ambient light, and it enables high-temperature measurements by providing suppression of thermal emission interference. Efficient data acquisition is accessible for a wider range of applications than before.


Training and maintenance packages for PicoRaman M3 spectrometer

With PicoRaman M3 instrument purchase, we offer one complementary training session for you. However, if you would like to receive additional training to ensure that more of your team members are proficient in using this tool, it is our pleasure to organise that for you. In addition to additional trainings, we also offer a maintenance service to maintain an optimized condition of your instrument to ensure ease of use and trustworthy data. We can always discuss and create a customized service package that best meets your needs and keeps your processes efficient.

Download PicoRaman M3 brochure