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Timegate Instruments is expanding to the United States

05:23 Wed 24.08.2022

Timegate Instruments Ltd. is rapidly growing and internationalizing, currently also recruiting more employees in the Oulu region. Find the open position here.

Timegate is expanding its business to the United States and has already hired  Katherine Bakeev, Ph.D., to start the operations. Dr. Bakeev is well-known in the fields of Spectroscopy, Process Analytical Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, and the Chemical Process industry. She has also worked in global companies with both Timegate's clientele and competitors. In addition to her expertise, she can utilize her extensive network while working at Timegate. Read more about Dr. Bakeev here.

Timegate's funders include e.g. Finnish successful investor Lifeline Ventures, which is also known from the background of Supercell, Wolt, and Oura. Timegate's measurement technology is well suited, for example, to process management in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

"Timegate is a global pioneer in the very challenging area of spectroscopy and a great example of how more than 20 years of research work has been turned into a commercially successful product. The third-generation instrument announced in the summer of 2022 has proven to be extremely competitive and has accelerated the company's operations to a phase of rapid growth and expansion to the United States. Long-term product development for the needs of the process industry is starting to produce results", comments one of Timegate's investors and a board member Hannu Turunen.

Timegate Instruments is an international, fast-growing deep tech company from Oulu, Finland. Timegate is the market leader in the segment of Raman spectroscopy and the only provider of time-gated Raman technology worldwide.

Download the Picoraman M3 brochure for more information on time-gated Raman spectroscopy here. 

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