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Spinco Biotech as Timegate's distributor in India

Timegate Instruments has signed a new distribution agreement with India-based Spinco Biotech.

With a dedication to excellence in all aspects of their business, Spinco Biotech is a leading distributor of Analytical and Life Science Instrumentation with over 50 growth centers across India. They strive to bring people, knowledge, innovation, and technology together to offer their customers unparalleled world-class services and products of the highest quality.

Their broad range of products is organized into five strategic business units, which are Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Life Science, Lyo & Lab Products, and Chemistry and Consumable Products. With technical expertise, they offer end-to-end solutions in Chromatography, Process Technology, and Bioresearch. Spinco Biotech's logo.

More about the company on Spinco's website.

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