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Katherine Bakeev joins Timegate

11:44 Tue 6.09.2022

Timegate is growing and expanding business to the United States, and as the first step, Katherine Bakeev, Ph.D., has been hired to start the operations there. Read more about the expansion here.

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Dr. Bakeev is an accomplished scientist and leader with broad knowledge and experience in providing analytical solutions for pharmaceutical drug development as well as chemical development processes and manufacturing. Bakeev has a doctoral degree in Polymer Science and Engineering, and she is also a spectroscopist specializing in vibrational spectroscopy including Raman, near-infrared, and chemometrics and their applications for process understanding, monitoring, and control (PAT) in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries.


Applications and manufacturing of spectroscopy


Dr. Bakeev has enjoyed great experiences in many different aspects of implementing solutions. Her background is in technology transfer and PAT implementation from R&D to manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. She has also worked in global companies including Timegate's clientele and competitors.

She has worked in spectroscopy solutions companies B&W Tek, and Foss NIRSystems, a global provider of near-infrared to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (both now Metrohm companies). Her working experience also includes supporting different industries in the software company Camo Analytics, now part of Aspen Technology. She has strengthened PAT knowledge in the pharmaceutical company GSK and implemented on-line NIR solutions while a research chemist at the specialty chemicals company ISP - International Specialty Products.


Globally recognized expertise


Dr. Bakeev has been leading multisite, multinational project teams in identifying appropriate technology, showing proof-of-concept, application development, installation, and implementation. Her strengths include excellent communication and organizational skills, and she also tackles business development in the areas of PAT and data analysis solutions for industries. She has experience in developing applications and preliminary market analyses to support R&D efforts.

Dr. Bakeev´s work has been acknowledged, as she has been honored by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy as a Fellow. She was the first recipient of the Craver Award for her broad expertise in spectroscopy, awarded by The Coblentz Society to recognize young professional spectroscopists who have made significant contributions in applied analytical vibrational spectroscopy.


Real-time understanding of the products´ creation


Dr. Bakeev sees the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries moving towards instrument innovations and development within their manufacturing.

“Timegate is a great example of this. Using time-gated technology improves the Raman measurement and also gets the fluorescence information as well, in a positive way. Together software and algorithm development are supporting greater integration to improve products and processes.”

She forecasts that all industries are shifting more to process monitoring.

“Real-time understanding of the products´ creation is essential. Data-driven decisions make better quality and consistent products with faster development times.”


Breakthrough in Raman spectroscopy


Bakeev acknowledges the strengths of Timegated® technology in fast measurement time and accurate, real-time data.

“It´s a breakthrough by using this technique of time-gating and removing fluorescence, one of the biggest issues in Raman spectroscopy, while bringing additional information that can be collected simultaneously. Having worked with PAT, it’s exciting to be working with a technology that has the opportunity to give an even stronger solution for people.”

Timegate warmly welcomes the new timegator to the team!

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