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Who we are?


We have a strong scientific background and extensive knowledge in R&D and innovation. The founder team has developed and patented the Timegated® Raman innovation which they have also commercialized. This multi-talented team has a lot of experience in spectroscopy, research, pharmaceuticals, mining, PAT and data applications. We want to spread the joy of time-gating and ensure that is available for all who want to get more out of their material analysis.

We help you to accelerate your material research, solve complex analytical challenges and increase your productivity. Our mission is to help you with making the world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient. We want to hear about your analytical challenges!


Oulu, Finland

Tutkijantie 7,
90590 Oulu, Finland

Tel: +358407504425

Invoice address:

Timegate Instruments Oy
PL 100
FI-80020 Kollektor Scan

PDF-files to 26156492@scan.netvisor.fi


Meet the team who went further no Raman has gone before

Headshot of Mari Tenhunen.

Mari Tenhunen

CEO, Co-founder

Mari is one of the founders and the CEO of the company. She has over 20 years of experience in industrial process instrumentation applications in her previous jobs. At VTT she worked as a team leader and senior scientist. Mari has excellent organizational skills with good sense of business. In Timegate, Mari wants to create inspiring workplace with strong company culture and ambitious goals. In addition to CEO’s duties, her responsibility is to find new applications, new markets and new potential customers for the Timegate’s products and technology. She is the ´mother´ of office dog Tapsu.

Headshot of Lauri Kurki.

Lauri Kurki

Chief Scientist, Co-founder

Lauri is a main tech & science guy and one of the founders. He has M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics and more than a decade of experience in the applied variety. You most probably find him in the lab, working on the hardware, software and esoteric math to make it all function together. He loves not only inelastic scattering but also photoluminescence and good humour.

Headshot of Katherine Bakeev.

Katherine Bakeev

Ph.D. (Polymer Science and Engineering), Advisor

Katherine has a doctoral degree in Polymer Science and Engineering and a broad experience working with spectroscopy in various fields e.g. in biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and PAT - process analytical technology. Dr. Bakeev has specialized in vibrational spectroscopy including Raman, near-infrared, and chemometrics and their applications for process understanding, monitoring, and control (PAT). She is also an accomplished scientist and leader with great knowledge and experience in applications, R&D, manufacturing, and software both in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Headshot of Amuthachelvi Daniel.

Amuthachelvi Daniel

Ph.D. (Biophotonics), VP of Service Business

Amutha has a doctoral degree in Biophotonics with over a decade of experience in application of Raman spectroscopy for cancer/precancer detection and Raman imaging of cells and tissues. She was also a recipient for Marie Sklodowska Curie IF fellowship and has done extensive work in cancer diagnosis using continuous wave Raman spectroscopy and SERS. Furthermore, she has explored the possibility of discriminating negative cytology from different grades of dysplasia of oral exfoliated cells using time-gated Raman spectroscopy. Now she is focusing on the applicability of timegated Raman technology in pharmaceutical and food industries. Cooking spicy Indian food is her relaxation.

Headshot of Elina Aronen-Raappana.

Elina Aronen-Raappana

Marketing Director

Elina is creative and goal-directed marketing and communications professional with M.A. in Science Communications and Executive MBA Candidate. She has over 20 years of experience in every segment of marketing communications: from hands-on execution to strategic work as a team leader and a member of Executive Board. Her working background consists of marketing and  organizational communications as well as leading those operations, public relations, journalism, graphic design, sales and project management. Elina has been working in various fields of industries such as the health sector, education, science and research, ICT, travel industry, construction and engineering as well as in marketing agency. Elina has a solution-oriented and energetic attitude with cheerful personality.

Headshot of Roosa Klaavo.

Roosa Klaavo

Marketing Coordinator

Roosa has a BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing and sales and she is currently studying her international M.Sc. in Marketing. She has a great enthusiasm for learning more about marketing and communications. Roosa is particularly interested in SEM and content creation but is also excited to learn holistically about marketing. Her strengths are efficiency, goal-orientation and organising. In addition, she has very developmental and creative attitude towards working. In terms of her willingness to develop, she also likes to improve and take care of her overall health.  

Headshot of Jacopo Zini.

Jacopo Zini

Ph.D. (Pharmacy), Senior Application Specialist

Jacopo has a Doctoral degree in Pharmacy. His work is focused on the biopharmaceutical application of Raman spectroscopy. In his studies, he applied various photonics techniques in the characterization of complex biological samples. He enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking in his freetime.

Headshot of Bryan Heilala.

Bryan Heilala

Senior Application Specialist

Bryan is a young and energetic chemist with a degree in M.Sc. (Chemistry) and experience and background in analytical chemistry. He has work experience in fields of pharmaceuticals, mining industries and R&D projects. Bryan is focused on studying Timegated Raman spectroscopy applications and development of data processing algorithms and routines. Bryan is our mysterious ‘TGI man’ as seen in our completely serious TGI videos.

Headshot of Risto Hyypiö.

Risto Hyypiö

Principal R&D Engineer

Risto has a M.Sc. in Electronics and decades of design experience of various types of electronic gadgets including optoelectronic devices, high-speed electronics and even consumer products. Prior to joining Timegate, Risto has focused more on optoelectronic system design, single-photon counting technology, optics and optomechanics. Risto likes to act as a glue between the customer, R&D team and marketing.

Headshot of Rami Aikio.

Rami Aikio

Product / R&D Manager

Rami has M.Sc. in Electronics and he has a long experience in the field. He has been working with optoelectronic devices R&D for 16 years before joining Timegate. His work has been around spectroscopy, ranging, and machine vision systems. Rami's expertise is in analog, digital, and system design as well as testing. He likes working in multidisciplinary teams and takes responsibility in project planning and management.

Headshot of Vineeth Prekar Karuppasamy.

Vineeth Prekar Karuppasamy

Senior R&D Engineer

Vineeth studied theoretical physics and graduated with a master's degree in Photonics from the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. He has previously spent some time at ETH Zürich levitating nanoparticles with lasers. If he is not working with the photons collected by the SPAD detector he likes to hike and collect incoherent photons on CMOS sensors.


Jere Kekkonen

D.Sc. (Technology), Senior System Specialist

Jere has a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering with an award-winning thesis and an M.Sc. (Health) in Wellness and Medical Technology. Jere has experience with the development of time-gated Raman techniques and their applications in multidisciplinary research, especially in the fields of biopharmacy and biomedicine. Due to his diverse background, Jere often finds himself working as a translator between the application specialists and the technical team. Jere is also interested in IPR and their benefits for a business. In his free time, after work and family duties, Jere likes to clear his head by either going to a gym, taking a long run, or detailing his car. 

Headshot of Arttu Kaikkonen.

Arttu Kaikkonen

Lead of Production

Arttu is our production manager with a B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering within Mechanical and Production Engineering. Arttu has an experience working with military aviation, mainly with helicopters, including production planning, assembly environment, maintenance planning and ERP-systems. Before Timegate, he has also been working with railway industry also on customer interface in after-sales and service department.

Arttu is working as a hands-on guy for production, as a goal to contribute a productional take on our production. His spare time activities support our field of work, as he enjoys of various technical challenges with radio-controlled model airplanes and basically anything powered with combustion engine. Despite the serious background on his line of work, he enjoys good (dark)humour and relaxed atmosphere.

Headshot of Miska Karvonen.

Miska Karvonen

Optics Technician

Miska has always been interested in electronics and he made his child hood hobby of playing with electronics and computers into a profession later in life. He has been working on multiple projects for different companies as a PCB designer, prototype designer, and exhibit designer. Miska can be described as the “jack of all trades” kind of guy. In his free time, Miska likes to tinker with cars mechanically as well as ECU and TCU programming. Miska also enjoys good music, old computers, good games, and good humor.

Headshot of Sanna Isoaho.

Sanna Isoaho

Logistics Specialist

Sanna has a long history in various logistics roles in different fields e.g. electronics, groceries, and timber export.  She has a BBA in International Business. She has also taken courses in industrial management, marketing, and economics. As a Logistics Specialist at Timegate, Sanna takes care of our export and import tasks but also participates daily in supply chain and warehouse management. She is always ready to help where needed. Sanna is solution-orientated and always has a cheerful and positive attitude toward working. In her spare time, Sanna enjoys walking in nature and picking berries or mushrooms. She also likes to knit traditional Luotolainen pullovers for her family members.

Headshot of Juho Eskeli.

Juho Eskeli

Principal SW Engineer

Juho has a M.Sc. in Software Engineering and a long and versatile design and development experience. He started his career developing server backend systems, then moving on to develop embedded & desktop software for optical measurement devices. The last few years before Timegate, he has been developing IoT systems focusing more on the embedded side. At Timegate he can put his whole skill set in use in heading the software development activities that span from the device firmware to the cloud. He enjoys twiddling with retro computers and has a working Commodore 64 in his office as well.

Headshot of Dmitri Akhonen.

Dmitri Akhonen

Software Engineer

Dmitri is our software engineer with B.Sc. in Automation Engineering. He has gathered experience by working with industrial hardware and test automation systems in different fields of technology. Dmitri has important role in software development of our products and related applications. If you don't find him in the lab, he's in the kitchen getting angry at an empty coffee pot.

Headshot of Visa Seppänen.

Visa Seppänen

Software Engineer

Visa has been excited about electronics and gadgets his whole life. This enthusiasm led him to graduate with M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering focusing on embedded software. Right from the get-go he has overcome tasks that have challenged his competence, and his joy of tinkering is only growing. The closer he gets to work on the hardware of any device, the happier he gets. On his free time, you most likely find him streaming and speedrunning games or playing Magic: The Gathering.

Headshot of Muhammad Bakhshi.

Muhammad Saad Bakhshi

Software Engineer

Saad has a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering. Before joining Timegate, Saad has gained experience in the IT sector, mastering a wide range of software applications. Beyond the digital landscape, he finds joy in pursuing diverse hobbies. Whether it is swinging the cricket bat, perfecting golf swing, trekking in the mountains, or travelling, he embraces the thrill of adventure. 

Headshot of Sofia Lane.

Sofia Lane

Master's Thesis Worker

Sofia is pursuing an M.Sc. in Mathematics and Operations Research at Aalto University, with a minor in Economics. She joined Timegate to work on her thesis project on chemometric calibration methods in CHO cell culture applications. Sofia has completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Aberdeen, graduating with an MA Joint Honours in Economics and Mathematics. She has work experience in operations research, specifically in multiple criteria decision analysis and optimization. In her free time, Sofia enjoys novels, indie music, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Headshot of Aino Aikio.

Aino Aikio

Research Trainee

Aino joined Timegate as a research trainee working in laser testing and development. She is currently studying for her B.Sc. degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oulu. In her free time, Aino likes to hike and spend time with knitting projects. 

Headshot of Heidi Lummelehto.

Heidi Lummelehto

Laboratory Technician

Heidi has a B.Sc. in Food Processing and Biotechnology and Technician degree in Laboratory and Process Technologies. She has gained over two decades of experience in different chemical industry laboratories e.g. paint, nanodiamond, rubber, plastic, and composite. In Timegate, Heidi carries out the sample measurements in the laboratory which is her natural habitat. Heidi is eager to constantly develop herself professionally. In counterbalance, she spends her free time in nature picking berries and walking her dog.