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Downstream process beginning at the final week of Testa Challenge

09:49 Fri 1.04.2022

It is time for the final post of the Testa Challenge blog series. Timegate's Testa Challenge journey has come to an end - thank you for following us! Next, we will share the experiences and achievements Timegate acquired from the challenge.

If you have not had the chance to read our previous Testa Challenge blogs, go ahead and learn about the whole story of our journey: 

Read the amazing Testa Challenge results: Testa Challenge results with Timegated® Raman.


Bioprocess' last steps


At the beginning of the final week, the bioprocess’ upstream processing ended, and the downstream processing began. During the downstream, the Testa Center's scientists implemented the clarification, filtration, and chromatography processes.

In the clarification, the immunoglobulin G (IgG) was removed from the fluid. During filtration, they protected the clarified fluid from particulate and microbial contaminants. The last step, chromatography, was done to purify the biopharmaceutical product, in this case, the fluid. Also, the analysis of the bioprocess has been going on during this week.

IMG_8696The downstream process going on.


Time-gated Raman followed the bioprocess


As mentioned in the previous blogs, our time-gated Raman has been monitoring the bioprocess continuously during the upstream and downstream processes. The analysis has been joyful for us because our instruments worked well during the whole challenge.

Furthermore, the Raman spectra we collected have been continuously showing what we want to see, in other words, the spectra followed the bioprocess well. We are still building the model we did based on the captured Raman spectra, and the model will be completed in the next few weeks.

IMG_8208Timegate's Application Specialist Dr. Amutha Daniel showing time-gated Raman spectra to Testa Challenge staff.


Testa Challenge summary


Timegators want to thank you for following these blog series and the Testa Challenge team at Testa Center for this wonderful opportunity they offered us. Also, thank you for the amazing encounters and conversations with all the other companies in the challenge.

Timegate's Testa Challenge results will be published in the following weeks. Go ahead and comment on LinkedIn or Twitter how you liked these blogs! Now, after the Testa Challenge's learnings, Timegate is looking forward to new opportunities and challenges.


                       Timegators having a photo shoot. From the left: Mari Tenhunen, Amutha Daniel, Elina Aronen-Raappana, Vineeth Karuppasamy and Roosa Klaavo


Timegators’ active week


During timegators' stay in Sweden, we had the pleasure to see beautiful places and eat incredibly tasty food. We must take this opportunity and praise the cafe Fågelsången’s Frans chocoladtårta. All the timegators fell in love with that chocolate cake kindly recommended to us by the amazing staff at Testa Center.

This week we also had a Testa Challenge dinner on Wednesday, where all the participants joined and enjoyed the evening together. Timegators are thankful for all the new connections we have made during the Testa Challenge.

IMG_7063                                        All the Testa Challenge participants at dinner together.

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