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Timegate rewarded as the International Employer of the Year!

Timegate Instruments has been nominated as the International Employer of the Year 2022. The competition aims to recognize companies, which have succeeded to recruit international talents from the local area and abroad and managed to create a multicultural atmosphere in the work community. This year, the competition was organized in Oulu for the first time.

TC group photo

Timegate participating in Testa Challenge in March, 2022. Employee´s in the photo from the left: Amuthachelvi Daniel (VP of Service Business), Elina Aronen-Raappana (Marketing Director), Mari Tenhunen (CEO), Roosa Klaavo (Marketing & Sales Assistant) and Vineeth Prekar Karuppasamy (Senior R&D Engineer).

The aim was to find the most international employer in Oulu area. The criteria in the selection of the winner highlighted particularly diversity in the work community, geographical business region and future plans for international business. The jury also emphasized company´s influence on keeping international talents in this area.

"We were impressed by how well the company has been able to engage highly educated experts in Oulu region, in an unprejudiced manner. From the very beginning of the company´s existence, Timegate has been simply recruiting skilled labor, regardless of whether the employee´s origin is from India, Italy, or Savonia. The company has harnessed multiculturalism into an asset, and benefits from the personnel´s cultural knowledge when extending the business into new markets", describes Mari Viirelä from Oulu Chamber of Commerce, a member of the jury.

The organisers of the competition are Oulu Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber of Commerce and Oulu Talent Hub in BusinessOulu. The competition will be organised annually, and the winner will be nominated in the national competition.

Timegate rewarding

Timegate´s Marketing Director Elina Aronen-Raappana receives the trophy from the organisers´ representatives in the award ceremony. On the photo from the left: Susanna Sainsalo (Junior Chamber of Commerce), Mari Viirelä (Oulu Chamber of Commerce), Mari Rautiainen (BusinessOulu), Elina Aronen-Raappana (Timegate), Oscar Blide (Junior Chamber of Commerce) and Jennimari Koskela (Junior Chamber of Commerce).


Timegate has internationality in its DNA


The organisers of the competition describe Timegate as advancing the academic experts' engaging in the Oulu region. Internationalism and an open-minded attitude towards international employees have been natural features of Timegate from the early stage of the business. The diversity is built-in since 25 % of the staff is originally foreign from five different nationalities.

"It´s quite commonly assumed, that the cultural differences or communication challenges relate only to different nationalities. But ultimately, we are all quite the same, and differences can be found varying between personalities, age groups to people originating from different regions in Finland, as well. There´s no need to make international recruiting too difficult, we will always have challenges also in organizations with only Finnish citizens as personnel. Let´s focus on all the great achievements we can create with our versatile backgrounds and experience", comments Elina Aronen-Raappana, Marketing Director in Timegate Instruments.

Learn more about Timegate's personnel on our Company page.

We are recruiting currently as well: User Interface Engineer

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