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Revolutionizing Bioprocess Monitoring with ProbePro Mini

In the fast-paced realm of bioprocessing, achieving efficiency, precision, and reliability is essential. As bioprocess operators continually search for innovative solutions to enhance their workflows and product quality, Timegate Instruments steps forward with the ProbePro Mini, a pioneering probe add-on to the PicoRaman M3 instrument that is redefining real-time monitoring and control of bioprocesses.

Probe is measuring liquid and connected to a device with laptop. Green illustration in the background.

ProbePro Mini connected to the PicoRaman M3 spectrometer.

Why ProbePro Mini? Meeting the Market's Demand for Precision and Reliability

Developed as a direct response to the industry's call for more precise, reliable, and non-invasive monitoring tools, the ProbePro Mini builds on the legacy of Timegate Instruments' groundbreaking introduction of the first-generation ProbePro product family in 2021. Recognizing the limitations of traditional monitoring methods, which often fail to provide the real-time data crucial for optimal decision-making and process control, Timegate Instruments has harnessed its innovative product development and process monitoring expertise to build the ProbePro Mini, a solution tuned to the industry's critical needs.

The Evolution of ProbePro: From Concept to Mini

The introduction of the ProbePro series marked a significant leap forward in bioprocess monitoring. The design principles: excellent measurement spot image quality, robust structure, user-replaceable optics, and customizable optics for varied needs—set a new standard. Options like the standard ~150cm-1 cutoff, an anti-Stokes version, and a low-cutoff version ~50cm-1, catered to diverse user requirements. Early designs anticipated the future integration with the PicoRaman M3 spectrometer, leveraging time-gated measurement to enhance optical performance beyond the efficiency of many commercial probes.

Despite its success, the ProbePro's larger size made it less suitable for certain applications, like use with small bioreactors—a growing demand among Timegate's customer base, particularly within research organization analysis laboratories and biomanufacturing processes. Thus, the ProbePro Mini was created, designed to cater to these specific applications. Its shape, reminiscent of the automatic pipette familiar to many in the target audience, and its size—merely 1/4 of the original ProbePro—did not compromise the device's optical quality or robustness, thanks to the precise 3D design of our excellent R&D team.

Collaboration with SCHOTT was pivotal, creating optics for the ProbePro Mini that aligned with SCHOTT's ViewPort® optical interfaces*, allowing users to easily adjust measurement distance (working distance) by changing the number of spacers installed between the ProbePro Mini's optics and the ViewPort® interface. This partnership underscored the innovation behind ProbePro Mini's ability to maintain consistent measurement quality minimizing the risk of user error. 

ProbePro Mini with illustration of green lights in the background.

ProbePro Mini with SCHOTT ViewPort® PG13.5 interface.

Solving Critical Industry Challenges with Advanced Technology

The ProbePro Mini addresses the core challenges in bioprocess operations: eliminating frequent sampling and labor-intensive analysis, reducing contamination risks and process interruptions, and enabling real-time adjustments to keep processes within desired parameters. This significantly enhances yield and product consistency.

Designed with the User in Mind: Innovation Meets Practicality

In developing the ProbePro Mini, Timegate Instruments balanced cutting-edge technology with user-centric design principles. The device's compatibility with existing bioreactor systems, combined with its compact size, robust construction, and minimal maintenance, underscores Timegate's commitment to practical, impactful solutions.

We are pleased with the ProbePro Mini’s characteristics of excellent spot image quality, robust structure, user-replaceable optics, and adaptability via adjustable working distance. It has been rewarding to see our customers appreciate the features we developed based on their needs and requests.

Risto Hyypiö, Principal R&D Engineer, Timegate Instruments

Endorsed by the Experts: Customer Feedback on the ProbePro Mini

The ProbePro Mini has received high praise from early adopters, who noted its considerable impact on process control, downtime reduction, and product quality improvement. The detailed, real-time data it provides has been hailed as a significant advancement, empowering operators to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.

A New Era for Bioprocess Monitoring

The launch of the ProbePro Mini by Timegate Instruments represents a milestone in the evolution of bioprocess monitoring, addressing longstanding challenges with innovative, user-focused technology. The ProbePro Mini truly is an essential tool for bioprocess operators ready to leave the sampling-based measurements behind and move forward to real-time monitoring with decreased contamination risk and faster decision-making.

Explore the ProbePro Mini

Join us in embracing the future of bioprocess monitoring with the ProbePro Mini—where precision, reliability, and innovation are at your fingertips. Read more and download the ProbePro Mini brochure!

Download ProbePro Mini brochure


*ViewPort® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.



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