Welcome Dmitri and Risto!

Posted by Timegate on 15.3.2019 11:52

We have completed our technical team with couple of great talents during the winter months. Mr. Dmitri Akhonen started at us as a Software Engineer and Mr. Risto Hyypiö as a Principal R&D Engineer. They both bring along fresh ideas and strengthen the company know-how.

Dmitri has a B.Sc. degree in Automation Engineering. He has gathered experience by working with industrial hardware and test automation systems in different fields of technology. Dmitri has important role in software development of our products and related applications. If you don't find him in the lab, he's in the kitchen getting angry at an empty coffee pot.

Risto has a M.Sc in Electronics and more than 15 years of design experience of various types of electronic gadgets including optoelectronic devices, high-speed electronics and even consumer products. Over the past five years, Risto has focused more on optoelectronic system design, single-photon counting technology, optics and optomechanics. Risto likes to act as a glue between the customer, R&D team and marketing.

Welcome to the team Timegate, Dmitri and Risto!