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Summer employees Sofia and Aino join the Timegate team

10:00 Thu 1.06.2023

We are delighted to introduce our new employees Sofia Lane and Aino Aikio. Lets get to know them a bit!

Dark haired woman sitting on a sofa smiling.Timegate’s thesis project employee Sofia Lane.

Sofia is pursuing an M.Sc. in mathematics and operations research at Aalto University, with a minor in economics, and has joined Timegate to work on her thesis project on chemometric calibration methods in CHO cell culture applications. Sofia has completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Aberdeen, graduating with an MA Joint Honours in economics and mathematics. She has work experience in operations research, specifically in multiple criteria decision analysis and optimization. In her free time, Sofia enjoys novels, indie music, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Light haired woman posing and smiling.Timegates research trainee Aino Aikio.

Aino joined us as a research trainee working in laser testing and development. She is currently studying for her B.Sc. degree in theoretical physics at the University of Oulu. In her free time, Aino likes to hike and spend time with knitting projects. 

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Timegate warmly welcomes Sofia and Aino!


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