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Arttu and Veli join Timegate

Timegate´s team has grown stronger since Dr. (Tech), Head of Project Management Veli Heikkinen and Production Manager Arttu Kaikkonen joined the team recently.

Veli_puolikuva_nettisivuilleVeli has a strong background in project management in national and international projects both in large research institutes and SMEs. As he also knows photonics like his own pockets, he brings Timegate solid know-how on running successful development projects. 



Arttu Kaikkonen nettisivuilleArttu has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and now he has landed to Timegate providing much needed extra hands in the production. His expertise in organizing production planning and managing ERP systems help Timegate to streamline the production of time-gated Raman spectrometers and their accessories.

You can find Veli´s and Arttu´s full introductions on our Company page.

Timegate warmly welcomes the new timegators to the team!