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Jere joins Timegate team

10:03 Thu 14.09.2023

We are excited to introduce our new timegator Jere Kekkonen. Jere joined our R&D team as a Senior System Specialist.


Jere has a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering with an award-winning thesis and an M.Sc. (Health) in Wellness and Medical Technology. He has over 5 years of experience with the development of time-gated Raman techniques and their applications in multidisciplinary research, especially in the fields of biopharmacy and biomedicine. Due to his diverse background, Jere often finds himself working as a translator between the application specialists and the technical team. Jere is also interested in IPR and their benefits for a business. In his free time, after work and family duties, Jere likes to clear his head by either going to a gym, taking a long run, or detailing his car. 

Timegate warmly welcomes Jere to the team!

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