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Timegate in EuroPACT 2023

 Europact event banner.

Photo source: Dechema website.

Timegate takes part in the 6th EuroPACT - European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event is organized from the 7th - 10th of May at Scandic Hotel Copenhagen by the DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

Timegate will be exhibiting at booth #2 and presenting three posters about time-gated solution for process control in biopharmaceutical applications.


Presentations about Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy 


Timegates presentation banner.

Timegate´s  Senior Application Specialist Dr. Jacopo Zini is presenting three posters at the Poster Exhibition Room starting at 12:45 pm on Monday the 8th titled:

  • In-line, quantitative monitoring of the upstream process by Time-gated Raman spectroscopy
  • Time-gated Raman for monitoring the downstream process of extracellular vesicles purification
  • Real-time Following of Lactic Acid Production Using Time-gated Raman spectroscopy

About the event

The competitiveness of all processing industries – from (petro-)chemicals over pharmaceuticals to foods & feeds - greatly depends on its ability to deliver consistent, high-quality, and high-value products at competitive prices, in a sustainable way. Data, Data Analytics, and Process Analytical Technology are becoming the cornerstones of any global, competitive industry, and process analytical techniques are an essential tool in this future. With this in mind, EuroPACT 2023 is featuring innovation along the following three pillars:

  1. Process Analytics in Real-World Application
  2. From Data to Process Insight, Control, and Optimization
  3. Novel PAT and Instrumental Technologies

The conference will be completed with an exhibition of instrumentation, applications, and data evaluation tools. More about the event on the DECHEMA website: EuroPACT 2023.


Come visit us if you happen to be in Northern Europe in May!

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