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Timegated® Technology
for biopharmaceutical industry

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Have eyes inside your bioprocesses


Our innovation provides a solution to measure multiple critical process parameters, like nutrients and metabolites in real-time, and without manual sampling to see exactly what molecules you have in your bioprocesses and what is going on in the bioreactors.

Protein- and macromolecule-based drugs (i.e. biopharmaceuticals or biologics) are manufactured using biological-expression entities such as bacterial, mammalian or insect cells. Such conditions impose a significant biochemical and productional complexity for controlling and quantifying the processes and ensuring the efficacy and safety of the macromolecule products.

Our time-gated technology overcomes many of these difficulties while being a non-contact, robust, insensitive to water, suitable for automation as well as a flexible measurement technique. Timegated Raman resolves the current limitations in the production of biopharmaceuticals by providing time-resolved detection for fluorescence suppression, advanced pulsed laser and possibility to simultaneously determine the fluorescence lifetimes.

All of this is done to enable more effective biomanufacturing.

Woman holding a biopharmaceutical liquid with time-gated lazer light.

Benefits of Timegated® Raman in biopharmaceuticals


The online, real-time bioprocess monitoring offers several benefits to improve operational and manufacturing excellence. With our monitoring tools and services you can optimize your process constantly. This leads to

  • Faster time to market through optimized process development and scale-up
  • Improved product quality via QbD and controlled processing
  • Reduced number of process failures via process monitoring and control
  • Improved productivity through increased yields
  • Reduced contamination risk and no volume pertubation (no need for manual sampling and off-line lab analyses)
  • Reduced operational costs no analytical chemicals or consumables
  • Reduced environmental impact with reduced carbon footprint

More about time-gated Raman technology in biopharmaceutical applications on our blog discussing Studies of Timegated® Raman in Life Sciences.

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Timegators next to a bioreactor with PicoRaman instrument.

Successful pilots with Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy

Monitoring bioprocess in Testa Challenge

In the Testa Challenge we monitored the upstream and the downstream processes. We monitored the biprocess 24/7 in real-time. Even though the fluorescence interference increased simultaneously with the cell growth, we saw the charasteristic Raman signal.

The Raman spectra we collected during the challenge were great. We saw the gradual changes in the metabolites and the Raman spectra followed the bioprocess accurately. Read more about the Testa Challenge from the link below.

Read about the cell-culture monitoring

Monitoring ovalbumin production

Timegate Instruments in collaboration with VTT Bioprocess Engineering and Optical Measurements team carried out a pilot study where we monitored the bioprocess of ovalbumin production.

Timegate’s PicoRaman Spectrometer was installed in the bioreactor, and a continuous monitoring of the bioprocess was carried out. The results were amazing since time-gated Raman sensed the molecular level changes long before the more distinct morphological changes happened. Read more about the pilot from our news linked below.

Read about the bioprocess pilot

Reference case with Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy

The University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki was our first client to have purchased our first and second generation instruments. We are excited that our customers are satisfied with our products and services and therefore the relationship continues.

``Fluorescence has been one of the problems in our measurements and analyses of biomolecules before we got access to time-gated Raman technology. Previously, we were unable to measure the Raman spectra of some small-molecule drugs and biomolecules, due to their high fluorescence background. Currently, with time-gated Raman spectrometer we have succeeded by detecting the Raman spectra of the fluorescent molecules. In addition, we were able to distinguish the extracellular vesicles (EVs) from different cellular origins based on their Raman spectra and principal component analyses, which was not achievable earlier with continuous wave Raman spectroscopy. As we have overcome various problems with time-gated Raman, we have already acquired the first and second generation instruments, and now we are collecting the funds to purchase the Microprobe to further widen our research. Time-gated Raman spectroscopy is highly advanced, sensitive and user friendly technology for biopharmaceutical measurements.``

                                                              -Professor Marjo Yliperttula, University of Helsinki

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