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Heidi joins Timegate

Timegate welcomes a new employee Heidi Lummelehto. Heidi joined the team as a Laboratory Technician to carry out sample measurements with the PicoRaman M3 spectrometer.


Heidi brings with her more than two decades of experience working in a variety of chemical industry laboratories, including those specializing in paint, nanodiamond, rubber, plastic, and composite materials. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Processing and Biotechnology, as well as a Technician degree in Laboratory and Process Technologies.

At Timegate, Heidi is responsible for measuring samples in the laboratory and contributing to a wide range of projects. Heidi's enthusiasm for laboratory work, drive for professional growth, and vast experience in diverse laboratory settings enable her to provide a unique perspective to her role.

In her leisure time, Heidi finds joy in taking strolls with her family dog, baking, and spending time in nature picking berries. Currently, she is passionately honing her skills in the captivating world of sourdough baking. Heidi has recently welcomed a grandchild into her life, and this little one has completely filled her heart - and her phone's album space.

Timegate warmly welcomes Heidi to the team!

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