Prosessimonitoroinnin kehitysyhteistyötä GTK Mintecissä

17.6.2020 10:51 / Timegate

Timegate on tehnyt yhteistyössä GTK Mintecin koetehtaan kanssa reaaliaikaisen prosessimonitoroinnin kokeiluja ja kehitystä. Vuonna 2019 kesällä tehdyissä rikastusprosessipiloteissa, joissa oli mukana myös kaivos- ja kemianteollisuuden yhtiö Keliber,

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Topics: Mining Process Analysis Digitalization Mineralogy

Physical Electronics GmbH as Timegates´ distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

26.5.2020 12:53 / Timegate

Timegate has entered into a distribution agreement with Physical Electronics GmbH, a company providing innovative technologies to accelerate new material and product development. Physical Electonics GmbH open the Central European market for...

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Topics: distributor germany austria switzerland

Raman Microprobe for Timegated® Raman Spectrometer

18.5.2020 11:09 / Timegate

Timegate launches a novel accessory for microscopic analyses, the Raman Microprobe. The Raman Microprobe is a microscope adapter that is easy to install with any Olympus BX and CX series upright microscopes.

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Topics: PicoRaman Raman Spectroscopy time-gating Raman Microprobe

Anvarc Technologies starts as Timegate´s sales agent in India

2.4.2020 15:04 / Timegate

Timegate Instruments has agreed with Anvarc Technologies to be a sales agent for time-gated Raman spectrometers in India. Anvarc has been established in 2017 and they are representing several professional high-technology instruments in India.

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Topics: cooperation representative distributor India

Application of Raman Spectroscopy for Characterizing Synthetic Non-Metallic Inclusions Consisting of Calcium Sulphide and Oxides

23.3.2020 9:49 / Timegate

Time-gated Raman Spectroscopy was used on characterizing synthetic non-metallic inclusions in the article published recently in the Applied Sciences journal. The main objectives of the research was to study the use of Raman spectroscopy as an...

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Topics: Articles article Publications Metallurgy

Contacting Timegate under the COVID-19 outbreak circumstances

16.3.2020 12:59 / Timegate

Timegate is very concerned about the current situation with the CODIV-19 outbreak and we have taken measures to prevent the spreading of the virus. Our staff is working remotely whenever possible without disturbing the delivery of ordered...

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Topics: Personnel

Assessment of recombinant protein production in E. coli with Time-Gated Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TG-SERS)

13.2.2020 15:51 / Timegate

A research group from VTT The Technical Research Centre of Finland and Drug Research Program, Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Faculty of Pharmacy in Helsinki University got their article published in Nature Resesarch Journal, published on...

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Topics: article E.coli Nature

PDAC 1.-4.3.2020

13.2.2020 14:43 / Miia Mikkonen

PDAC is only couple of weeks away and we are already looking forward to visit the conference! This year we do not have a booth of our own, but walk through the exhibition halls during the event and update our knowledge about latest topics in the...

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Topics: Events Mining PDAC disruptmining

New pharmaceutical research utilising nanobiotechnology in Finland

6.2.2020 14:15 / Timegate

A new research ecosystem has been set up in Finland in which the country’s leading research organisations, together with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Orion Pharma and nanotechnology SMEs, are joining forces to develop new types of...

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Topics: biotechnology project

Season´s greetings!

20.12.2019 10:47 / Timegate

Another year of great meetings, new people met and many lessons learnt is almost behind. We are grateful of every day, and are looking forward to new days ahead of us. Hopefully many of you will remain with us along the way. With these words we...

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Topics: Season´s greetings