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Timegated® Green Balls

Have you ever thought what is the Timegated® Raman spectrum of marmalade jellies? We are rather sure you haven´t, but don´t worry, we have had a serious study on this case. 


Hard and serious work requires similar kind of methods for relaxation. In our case, it is making serious fun out of our Timegated® Raman technology and the capabilities of it. As the holiday season is getting closer, we decided to run tests with famous Finnish fruit marmalade jellies and see what is the spectrum of those Green Balls. Our TGI-Man struggled with high fluorescence of the sample material, but managed to tackle it. 


As a result of these analysis we wrote an application note and made a video it is the first one we have ever made, but definetely not the last one. Lean back and enjoy!


Timegated Green Balls application note