Timegate is a member of Photonics Finland

Posted by Timegate on 20.6.2017 7:29

Timegate Instruments is now a member of Photonics Finland which is an association driving photonics industry in Finland. The network connects Finnish photonics companies, research centers and public authorities and helps them in the development of the photonics field beginning from the basic research all the way to the deployment and launching new products to the market. Furthermore Photonics Finland develops new business and research opportunities in order to help the photonics industry to achieve it´s full potential. The association operates in many sectors, like health care, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing and sustainability. There are about 280 persons and 40 companies including to the network. Members are active in participating on the work groups.


Timegate Instruments is delighted to be a member of Photonics Finland and wants to support it´s operations through active participation. Read more about Photonics Finland in here.



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