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Timegate as part of Bioindustry4.0

09:27 Wed 1.02.2023

Timegate is one of the participants of the Bioindustry4.0 project funded by Horizon Europe. The consortium will join together over twenty organizations including universities, innovative companies, and several research groups in an ambitious 4-year work plan to encourage the adoption of advanced digital technologies in industrial biotechnology. The fruitful kick-off meeting was held last week in Paris, France.

Group photo of Bioindustry4.0  participants.Participants of the Bioindustry4.0 kick-off meeting in Paris, France.


Improved fluorescence suppression and colored media measurements


Timegate will be monitoring different kinds of bioprocesses involved in the next-generation industry with the groundbreaking instrument exploiting time-resolved technology. Timegate´s goal in this project is to develop the technology further to enable sample measurements where the absorption is high (typically colored samples) as well as improve fluorescence suppression.

We are pleased to be a part of the Bioindustry4.0 consortium with diverse organizations to accelerate the exploitation of innovative technologies like time-gated Raman in biotechnology. This project offers us a great opportunity to better meet the requirements of bioprocess monitoring and help the biotechnology industry to produce safe products with good quality.

                           Mari Tenhunen, CEO of Timegate Instruments


Advanced digital solutions

bioindustry4.0-promo-picture-1Industrial biotechnology (IB) is a key enabling technology for the circular bio-economy and industrial renewal. For IB to become a major manufacturing technology, it must widen its use of advanced digital technologies. To support digitalization of IB, Bioindustry4.0 will create new services which will address several challenges, focusing on the acceleration of bio-process development pipelines.

The digital technologies include innovative measurement devices for online monitoring, data management tools for data quality, open science, and AI learning to support bioprocess design. The project has received 10M€ through the Horizon Europe framework program.

Bioindustry4.0 will engage with a diverse community of stakeholders, especially industry, to co-design specific services to be well-aligned with stakeholder needs and fit for use by research infrastructure (RI) users. In addition, the consortium will train RI staff to deploy new services and ensure that users are well-acquainted with the opportunities offered by the project’s key developments.

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