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Protein drug development with Time-gated Raman spectroscopy

09:53 Tue 9.08.2022

An article titled Analysis of Biologics Molecular Descriptors towards Predictive Modelling for Protein Drug Development Using Time-Gated Raman Spectroscopy has been published on MDPI.

In the study, the researchers used time-gated Raman spectroscopy to measure the unfolding of proteins in-line and in real-time without labels. K-means clustering and PCA analysis were used on time-gated Raman spectra of unfolding proteins. This publication shows that Timegated® Raman spectroscopy can identify molecular descriptors of protein unfolding.

Download the Picoraman M3 brochure for more information on time-gated Raman spectroscopy here.    



Pharmaceutical proteins, compared to small molecular weight drugs, are relatively fragile molecules, thus necessitating monitoring protein unfolding and aggregation during production and post-marketing. Currently, many analytical techniques take offline measurements, which cannot directly assess protein folding during production and unfolding during processing and storage. In addition, several orthogonal techniques are needed during production and market surveillance. In this study, we introduce the use of time-gated Raman spectroscopy to identify molecular descriptors of protein unfolding. Raman spectroscopy can measure the unfolding of proteins in-line and in real-time without labels. Using K-means clustering and PCA analysis, we could correlate local unfolding events with traditional analytical methods. This is the first step toward predictive modeling of unfolding events of proteins during production and storage.     

The open access article can be found here.                                                   

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