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Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy for monitoring the downstream process of extracellular vesicles purification

Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy for EV Purification

Industrial-scale production of EVs requires technologies able to monitor the efficacy and efficiency of EV production and purification. Among the process analytical technologies (PAT), Raman spectroscopy (RS) can be particularly suitable for this purpose. RS is a non-destructive, label-free technique that can resolve the chemical composition of complex systems and it is widely applied as PAT for downstream purification of biological drugs such as monoclonal antibodies. We propose a Timegated® Raman spectrometer as an inline sensor to monitor a chromatography-based EV purification process.

Our results suggest that the chemometric model based on Raman data can usefully monitor the purification process and discriminate between standard runs and runs in which the chromatography column was overloaded, or the starting material was spiked with impurities i.e. non-EV proteins.

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