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Timegate is supporting Ukrainian families

Instead of celebrating International Women’s Day this year, Timegate decided to donate to UN Women and offer training for Ukrainians to help women and their families in Ukraine.


Training for Ukrainian scientists and software developers at Timegate


We are here to support Ukrainians by offering training in Timegate. You can contact us via email at info@timegate.com if you have expertise in biophotonics, cell cultures, Raman spectroscopy, spectral calibrations, or software development

Software development training positions you can apply for:

Relating to Raman spectroscopy and our technology:

  • Developer: Embedded C++, middleware,  process integration (e.g. OPC-UA)
  • DevOps engineer

Desktop & Cloud SW:

  • Developer: C# & Windows Forms .NET, and/or expertise with:
  • Full stack developer: Node.js & React, ASP.NET Core

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