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Time-gated Raman for Real-time Upstream Process Monitoring

A promising study was recently conducted to investigate the capabilities of time-gated Raman technology in monitoring the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) using mammalian cells in a perfusion bioreactor. Access to the results and advantages of TG-Raman in the upstream processing by downloading the digital poster (pictured below).

This study was conducted in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and was initially presented at the SciX - the Great Scientific Research conference in October 2023.

A poster of real-time upstream process monitoring by time-gated Raman.A poster showcasing the research on time-gated Raman technology for real-time upstream monitoring.

The sensitivity of Raman analysis for many of the critical process parameters (CPPs) such as many metabolites, and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as viable cell densities has been low due to the native fluorescence of the CHO cultures. Now, time-gated Raman technology has surpassed this hindrance by collecting the Raman scattered photons before the advent of fluorescence. 

Download the poster

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