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NanoX-Change Online Seminar 3.0: Timegated Raman Technology for the Food Industry

Physical Electronics, Timegate´s German distributor, is organizing the third NanoX-Change Online Seminar 3.0 in April. Timegated Raman Technology will be on stage on 14th April with the topic Food Industry - Analysis&Quality control of food.

The NanoX-Change Online Seminar consists of two separate sessions: the first one is an input session introducing the topic. Those, who participated the first session, are given a chance to send their samples to Timegate for a live demonstration session that follows in two weeks. Thus, the demo session is customized based on the samples received.

The input session discusses of the Quality control of food and how Timegated Raman Technology can improve the current analysis methods. The cases introduce measurement results with oils and dairy products and participants can ask questions from the scientific experts.

More information and registrations to szauzig@phi-europe.com. The previous seminars have been very popular, so don´t wait too long as the number of participants is limited.

Download a white paper Rapid Milk Analysis - Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Highly Fluorescent Animal Source Milk and Plant-Based Milk Products by Timegated Raman Technology from the link below.


NanoX-Change Food Industry-Timegated Raman





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