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High temperature Raman measurement

Raman spectroscopy is widely used in process monitoring, though fluorescence emission causes some challenges by covering the Raman signal. PicoRaman, the Timegated® Raman spectrometer, can tackle this challenge and it offers an easy way for real fluorescence suppression.

Apart from the fluorescence suppression, Timegated® Raman can also be used with high temperature samples as thermal emission does not cover the weak Raman signal. In addition to that, measurements can be performed in alight surroundings as ambient light does not interfere the measurement. This provides wider application and operation areas for R&D in catalysis and combustion research. Commercial applications in the chemical and mining industries can also benefit from this new innovation.

The video below is about high temperature measurements for tungsten sample done with Timegated® Raman spectrometer to demonstrate the device performance. Watch the video in YouTube and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with new releases!

Read more about Tungsten oxides in the article: The Beautiful Colors of Tungsten Oxides by Matthias Weil and Wolf-Dieter Schubert from the Vienna University of Technology.



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