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Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy provides accurate analysis for many applications


Vibrational spectroscopy includes infrared, near-infrared and Raman spectroscopies that vary in their applicability. Raman spectroscopy provides highly specific chemical fingerprints of samples. It can be employed for a wide range of applications in the fields of life and materials sciences; e.g. research of pharmaceuticals, living cells, complex biofluids and cell organelles as well as commercial applications in geosciences and mining industry. However, conventional Raman spectroscopy has suffered from fluorescence backgrounds swamping the Raman signals. Investigation of samples that have previously been beyond the reach of traditional Raman is now possible. Timegate Instruments has developed a compact and cost-effective patented Raman technique, which enables acquiring fluorescence-suppressed Raman spectra.

Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy

In forensic applications

Raman spectroscopy is a feasible tool in forensic science. It can be used to investigate fibers, explosives, drugs, paints, inorganic fillers, counterfeit notes and other materials. Typically these materials give rise to high fluorescence, which can be effectively rejected with time-gated Raman. The new Raman technology allows for accurate analysis with little or no sample preparation. The PicoRaman M3 instrument is also capable of measuring through glass and plastic materials, and the measurements produce clean and narrow spectrum bands.

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Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy

In high temperature research

Timegate Instruments' new and patented Raman spectroscopy technology with pulsed excitation and gated detection rejects fluorescence of sample material, resulting in more precise analysis results. The technology can also be used for research of reactions carried out at high temperatures even above 1500°C degrees, which has often been challenging for spectroscopic analyses. Simultaneously PicoRaman instrument provides an effective method for fluorescence rejection without losing intensity of the Raman scattering.

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In pharmaceutical sciences

Raman spectroscopy has found its way to industrial laboratories and process analytical technologies (PAT) hence becoming a viable tool for a plethora of applications in the pharmaceutical sciences. Raman is a recognized means to analyze non-destructively solid and liquid formulations, phase transitions and polymorphs in all phases of drug discovery, development and large-scale production.

Until now many Raman analyses have been confined by the high fluorescence of pharmaceutical samples. PicoRaman brings the benefits of Raman spectroscopy to a new level by rejecting the fluorescence and enabling a completely new window for the analyses.

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For biopharmaceutical solutions

Protein- and macromolecule-based drugs (i.e. biopharmaceuticals or biologics) are manufactured using biological-expression entities such as bacterial, mammalian or insect cells. Such conditions impose a significant biochemical and productional complexity for controlling and quantifying the processes and ensuring the efficacy and safety of the macromolecule products.

Raman spectroscopy overcomes many of these difficulties while being a non-contact, robust, insensitive to water, suitable for automation as well as a flexible measurement technique. PicoRaman’s time-resolved detection for fluorescence suppression, advanced pulsed laser and possibility to simultaneously determine the fluorescence lifetimes resolve the current limitations in the research and production of biopharmaceuticals.

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For biological solutions

Time-gated Raman, especially when combined with microscopic techniques, provides labelless structural and biochemical information without interference caused by water and without the need for sample preparation. Cell research and microbiology are prominent areas which greatly benefit of these properties; mammalian and plant tissues, (fixed) cells in vitro and biofluids are examples wherein Raman is typically a powerful analytical tool.

Timegate Instruments' new Raman technology also enables non-expert users to produce accurate, high-quality data for analyzing biological materials. With PicoRaman and the Raman microprobe adapter the measurements can be performed in ambient light, in physically and chemically varying environments and without the distraction of fluorescence background signals interference.

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