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Applications with Timegated®
Raman Technology

Efficient data acquisition is accessible for a wider range of applications than ever with effective fluorescence rejection. Time-gated Raman technology still allows to collect the fluorescence data as well.

Timegated® Raman application areas in icons.Raman spectroscopy is a very powerful technique for molecular and material characterization in wide application areas due to its beneficial features including intrinsically high molecular specificity, the requirement for minimal or no sample pre-treatment, the ability to measure complex (biological) solutions, immunity to high water content, the flexibility of sampling configurations, and suitability for automation.

The novel third-generation instrument PicoRaman M3 is the only commercial Raman spectrometer using time-resolved technology, providing data on Raman scattering and time-resolved fluorescence. PicoRaman M3 spectrometer allows making the most out of Raman spectroscopy, with new applications in the fields of science and process industries, where fluorescence emission has previously been problematic for successful Raman analyses. The advantages of conventional Raman spectroscopy are also available with PicoRaman M3. Additionally, PicoRaman M3 is immune to ambient light, and it enables measurements in high temperatures without having to account for fluorescence.

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