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New TimegatedⓇ Raman product - PicoRaman M3!

Introducing the world’s first and only TimegatedⓇ Raman technology with a real fluorescence rejection!

New product PicoRaman M3 with outstanding advantages!



PicoRaman M3 connected to SampleCube.

We have now launched our third-generation instrument PicoRaman M3. This product implements time-gated Raman technology with real fluorescence rejection bringing new features and benefits to Raman spectroscopic analyses. The novel spectrometer offers revolutionary features including fast and continuous, real-time and online measurements as well as highly specific chemical information and non-destructive analysis.

PicoRaman M3 has been developed as user-friendly, compact, and portable design. The instrument allows easy and autoclavable integration with process environment and is free from sample preparation resulting in rapid set-up time. In addition, the PicoRaman M3 enables about 10 to 40 times faster measurements than the previous Timegated® Raman instrument generations.

We offer the entire solution for spectroscopic analyses by providing also the ProbePro product family, a variety of different probe optics for in-situ, real-time analysis. Download the PicoRaman M3 brochure on the right for more information about the technical solution.

What is new in PicoRaman M3?

• Real-time, online
• Faster measurements
• Highly specific chemical information
• Concentration quantification
• Compact, portable solution on-site
• Better integration with process environment
• OEM-modules can be installed
• User-friendly customer interface
• No sample preparation
• Non-destructive analysis
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