Mines&Technology 2019

Posted by Timegate on 16.5.2019 14:02

The 4th annual Mines&Technology conference takes place in Helsinki during 27th-29th May. Timegate will have a talk in the conference on Wednesday the 29th about using Raman spectroscopy in the mining industry.

The Timegated® Raman technology is a chemical analysis tool that can identify minerals on molecular level. Instead of seeing elements, we can get detailed information of material composition and quantify the amount of each mineral in comparison to others. Unlike other mineral analysis methods available on the market, with Timegated® Raman there is no need for sample treatment and water does not interfere the measurement. Thus, the method allows real-time material analysis with:

  • no sample pre-treatment
  • no delay with results
  • fast and accurate mineral information

Real-time data allows taking corrective measures, predict, manage and prevent accidents and help optimizing the material flow and increase yields.

Learn more about the Mines&Technology event and check the schedule in here and see you in Helsinki!

Find more information about Raman applications in our Resource bank.



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