AIMS2019 in Aachen 13th-14th June

Posted by Timegate on 3.5.2019 11:57

The Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE/RWTH Aachen University) organizes the Aachen International Mining Symposia during 13th-14th June. The event has a long history of 30 years and with more than 200 hundred annual participants it has an established status as one of the major mining Conferences in Europe. During the Conference scientific lectures, industry exhibitions and networking events take place facilitating multiple opportunities for cross-sectional networking.

Timegate participates the AIMS Conference for the first time this year. We are looking forward to meet industry professionals and researchers in the field of mineral processing to discuss about material analysis in real-time with our time-gated Raman technology. We have a booth and CEO Mari Tenhunen will give a presentation on 13th June at 14.30-14.45 in room A PPS H1. An abstract to her presentation is below the picture.

Download a case study regarding using Timegated Raman Spectroscopy in Process Control in here (opens in new window).




Novel rapid mineral analysis based on time-gated Raman technology

Abstract: Mining industry requires rapid, reliable and continuous methods for mineral and gangue characterization in many stages of mining and production processes. As ore grades decline, larger amounts of materials have to be transported and processed. This leads to increasing costs, energy consumption and environmental footprint. By analysing mineral composition in an early stage of the production process at the mining location, unnecessary transportation and processing of waste rock can be avoided. The amount of waste rock that can be prevented from reaching the production process directly translates in increased profit. Time-gated Raman is one of the techniques that enables early mineralogical analysis. This novel technology allows mineralogical measurements from drill cores, drill cuttings, slurries and powders. Mineralogical analyses based on optical time-gated Raman technology produce compositional information by detecting mineral species and their crystalline structures whereas market leading XRF-tools only detect elements. Time-gating minimizes photoluminescence interference which has severely impeded the usability of conventional Raman spectroscopy. Continuous on-line and at-line time-gated Raman measurements can also be used to produce quantitative information for precise enrichment process control, process optimization and quality control. The scientific basis of this novel technology and some of its practical application are presented in this paper on a theoretical level and in several real-world industrial case studies.

See more about the Conference in here: Aachen International Mining Symposia.

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