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Monitoring services

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Having high quality mineral information out of your process should be smooth and effortless from day one. Our Timegated® technology is a state-of-the-art solution for identifying minerals also in harsh industrial environments. To make the deployment of monitoring easy, we offer a service package in which we can take care of basically everything. We install the needed sensors into your process, give you onsite training and manage your process monitoring system remotely. Scope of service is agreed individually in every case.
Our MonitOre monitoring services provide you an easy way to benefit from our patented Timegated Raman Technology. This unique method utilizes Raman scattering effectively without fluorescence interference. MonitOre makes it easy for you to start real-time process monitoring and mineral identification.
Send us your samples and let´s rock your process with MonitOre!

Timegate process monitoring service deployment phases


Feasibility study


  • Timegated® Raman technology feasibility test for your material samples
  • Mineral identification analysis report
  • Joint discussion on results and further project planning (e.g. teleconference)

Proof of concept


  • Site visit to check the plant and process facilities
  • Instrumentation set-up planning and piloting for mineral identification
  • Customization of final instrumentation set-up and service content for online monitoring


  • Installation of monitoring instruments into the process
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Definition of parameters to be monitored (e.g. frequency of data output)
  • On-site training for plant personnel

Maintenance and support

(scope agreed case by case)

  • Calibration updates for the monitoring system
  • Remote management
  • Service hot-line
  • On-site training and support for plant personnel

MonitOre mineral processing plant

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