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Timegated® Technology
for Smarter Mining

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Have eyes inside your processess


We have developed technology and monitoring instruments for quantitative real-time mineral identification.

With our technology you’ll see exactly what minerals you have in your process, not just the chemical elements. In addition to being accurate and fast our instruments are designed to be used in automated processes in toughest environments.

All of this is done to enable smarter mining.

Benefits of Timegated® Technology


The real-time mineral identification data that you’ll get with our monitoring tools and services helps you to optimize your process constantly. This leads to

More profits

  • increased recovery of valuable minerals
  • improved processing efficiency
  • improved process stability and reliability

Sustainable operations

  • reduced need for energy
  • less CO2 emissions
  • optimized use of raw materials, chemicals, and water

Smooth operations

  • variability of incoming material noticed and responded to
  • minor and major changes in process detected
  • process stage and trends recognized

Monitoring service

Timegated® Technology in mining industry

Improved yield in all production phases

You can utilize our technology in all phases of production, from exploration to mining as well as mineral processing.

Our solution works for you whether you want to control your milling efficiency, optimize the use of reagents, or do other process control tasks.

You’ll get exact information about the composition of incoming material, no matter if it is in shape of rocks, powders or slurry. And you’ll get the data real-time and on-site.

Fast and easy mineral analyses

Our unique Timegated® Technology enables continuous monitoring of your processes. The data is available for process optimization in no time.

Our instruments are designed to be installed directly on production lines and to be part of automated processes. Specific samples are not required for analysis, so the monitoring is quick and cost efficient.

For the harshest mining environments

Our technology and devices withstand severe conditions. The equipment can be used in processes with e.g. water, dust, heat, or vibrations. Diluted water solutions and slurries can be measured directly from the process. Monitoring is possible up to 1600°C temperature.

a woman aside of an open pit

Want to know more about real-time process monitoring? Follow the link to study a case study with spodumene beneficiation at the GTK Mintec Pilot Plant.

See the case study


Comparison of mineral and elemental analysis tools


A wide variety of tools are used in mining industry for analyzing mineral and elemental composition. Suitability of the tool for mineral processing plant depends on the type of needed information as well as process constraints. However, Timegated® Raman Spectroscopy is the only technology available to provide real-time and online mineral information of the process streams.



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