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FAQ: Can I send samples for an initial Timegated® Raman feasibility study?

FAQ series: This series of publications explores some of the most often asked questions regarding Timegated® spectrometers and measurements without having you read page after page of text.

People with varying levels of Raman spectroscopy knowledge become interested in Timegated® Raman and its applications. A commonly asked question is whether it would be possible to send samples for initial testing. Timegate Instruments does accept samples for initial testing and the following text will go through some of the details on how to send us samples.

The first step is to contact a Timegate Instruments representative or your local distributor (a list of distributors) for more information. The representative may provide a sample description form which helps us to understand how to carry out the initial feasibility study and to estimate the feasibility of the application even before receiving any samples. If the samples or the potential application include sensitive information, we are open for discussions regarding NDAs.

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If after the initial discussions the application seems feasible for both parties, our representative will disclose the shipping address and contact person for the samples. We usually measure up to five samples free of charge in the initial study, but more elaborate measurement setups or larger sample sets may require additional arrangements. The initial study results usually include a qualitative assessment of the sample and application feasibility.

The amount of required sample depends on the intended application. If the samples do not require any preparation, the usual requested sample amount for powder samples is a tablespoonful per sample and in the case of liquids we usually ask to send at least 2ml per sample in clear glass containers so that the measurements can be carried out without opening the containers. With microscopic samples much less of the sample is required but the Timegate Instruments representative should be informed so that a Microprobe unit (click here) can be reserved for the feasibility study.


For more information on sending us samples contact us at: info@timegate.com

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